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Long review ahead, but I just have to let everyone know how thankful I am for Allie. Right after I got engaged, my mom told me that she wanted to hire a wedding planner to help me with all of the wedding planning since she was 5 hours away from me and wouldn’t be able to go to all of the vendors meetings and such. I had a few different wedding planners in mind, and I came across Allie on social media and quickly added her to the short list of wedding planners I had in mind for our big day.During our first meeting, Allie and I just clicked. It wasn’t just about our budget for our wedding or what design we had in mind; she wanted to know everything about us as a couple, and as individuals. She just understood both of us on a personal level, and she made me feel like I could trust her completely on the day of the wedding. I remember calling my mom after our 2 hour meeting (because we just kept talking about anything and everything) SavannahandJosh-43gushing about how much I wanted Allie to be our planner. I ended up going to one other meeting after the one with Allie and attempted to go to another (our lines just kept getting crossed), but I didn’t have the same good gut feeling as I did with Allie.Throughout our 14 month engagement, Allie endured countless emails, texts, and changes from me, and she took them ALL in stride. She helped to keep me calm throughout the entire process, and this was on top of her planning for her own wedding (which was so so stunning!!). When you are in Allie’s presence, or even just talking to her through text messages and emails, she just has a way of making you feel calm and making you feel like you’ve got this!Fast forward to the rehearsal practice and our actual wedding day. Allie had everything planned out to the exact minute, and she took my entire design plan and transformed it into something I didn’t even think was possible. For months, I had been worried about how everything would look and come together, and in the end, it came together better than I could have ever hoped for. I cannot recommend Allie Rose Events enough for making our wedding day so special and wonderful. Thank you, Allie! We love you!Having Allie as a wedding planner saved me so much stress with my wedding. We had a huge wedding with 300+ invited, and would not have been able to pull it off so flawlessly without her! She not only made the planning process easy, but she has so much energy and is genuinely SO enthusiastic that she gets everyone so excited for the wedding!!Allie gave so much great input on ideas for the wedding and really worked with my mom and I to make my vision come true! Towards the last couple months of wedding, I was really starting to feel the stress of the wedding, but after meeting with Allie, I always felt so much better about things. She keeps you on a timeline so that you are always prepared and does such a good job making sure everyone is on the same page!The morning of the wedding, I realized I didn’t have a few things and Allie was so quick to jump up and volunteer to get them to me while I was getting ready. She’s a real life saver and will go above and beyond her duties as your wedding planner! I highly recommend Allie to anyone planning their upcoming weddings!! Thanks again, Allie!!

Our wedding was just yesterday and I could not wait to write Allie the amazing review that she deserves. There is no one that could have done a better job planning this wedding than her. She is so passionate about what she does and really cares about her clients. She is on top of everything and makes no mistakes. We had some rain during the reception and she was on her toes to make sure it didn’t ruin anyone’s time. I have never met a more organized and detail oriented person in my life! She is very professional but also so much fun to be around. Anyone who has her as a wedding planner is very lucky! Our wedding was perfect! ���

“All I can say is “WOW.” Allie is so talented, meticulous, organized, kind, and incredibly good at her job. I planned my wedding for 14 months and Allie was the perfect person to bring my vision together. Not ONE thing went wrong on my wedding day and that is all thanks to Allie. She is worth every penny and more. I can to my wedding venue and was speechless because I didn’t know it was possible for it to be as perfect as it was. I was so picky and needy during my wedding planning, but Allie was nothing but helpful and sweet the entire time. She was definitely necessary for my wedding and I would tell every bride to book her asap!” Katie Lisun

“Having Allie help us with the big day was one of the best decisions we made in the planning process! Towards the end of the planning, things start to really pick up and get stressful, and Allie made that part of things SO easy. She took the pressure of of my mom’s and my shoulders and coordinated everything flawlessly! There were a few bumps along the way with vendors, and Allie handled them all without letting them cause me additional stress. Not only did she coordinate the rehearsal and the wedding itself, but she helped with ideas for decor, the ceremony, and overall how to make things run smoothly. She went above and beyond to make sure our day was perfect, arriving early and leaving late. She was also amazing at giving ideas without being overbearing, which was a big fear of mine with a wedding planner. I can’t thank Alli


e enough for everything she did for us, and I’d highly recommend her to any and every bride!! Thank you so much, Allie!!!” Jessye Scofield

“I cannot thank Allie enough for everything she did for my fiancé and I during a year-long engagement! We hired Allie last summer and she has been a life saver throughout the wedding planning process! She has so many connections in the wedding industry and she referred us to the best of the best as far as vendors. She then organized all meetings with them and finalized all of the last-minute details with them as well. Allie responded to ALL of my questions and always made me feel like I was the only bride she had (even though I know she stays extremely busy!) She listened to our ideas, gave suggestions, and made our perfect wedding dream a reality. The wedding day was flawless, all thanks to Allie! She is the most upbeat, positive and loving wedding planner I could have ever asked for. If you’re thinking about hiring a wedding planner, hire Allie!”- Sadie Spencer

“Allie was an absolute life saver for me on my wedding day! I would NOT have been able to do it without her! She was so responsive through the entire planning process; She even went with me to pick out decorations. She was helpful in coming up with ideas that fit my budget. She took my vision and blew it out of the water! She handled all the vendor details (which I was so thankful for!), and she handled the wedding day with such expertise. I am so thankful that I chose her to assist me with my wedding day. Thank you, Allie, for everything that you did for us! We cannot thank you enough for helping make our wedding day amazing!!”- Koree Berumen

“There’s not enough stars to show how truly amazing Allie is! To say that she was the best decision we made is an understatement. Our small intimate wedding went flawlessly all because of her! We honestly can’t thank her enough for all that she did, a true wedding angel!! Nothing but compliments from this happy couple!!”- Laura DeVol

I don’t even know where to begin � I’ve known Allie since she was in High School and I always knew she would be an event planner. Like honestly it’s built into her DNA! As soon as we got engaged I told my husband I was going to hire Allie for my wedding planner. Our date was set 10/20/18. We wanted a long engagement because we spend a lot of time in the children’s hospital with our daughter. Life decided to throw us another curve ball at the beginning of the month when we found a lump in my chest. They scheduled my surgery for May 15th. May 9th we knew we didn’t want to go into the surgery without being husband and wife � I called Allie to ask if she knew of a pretty field we could just elope in and somehow by the grace of god she was free that day. I knew in that moment it was all just meant to be! Allie was so upbeat and positive. When I say she took care of everything, I mean EVERYTHING!! Location, food, script, decor, EVERYTHING!!!!! In 4 days!!! Did I mention she did all of this in 4 days? 4 days! I am still on cloud 9 and love drunk by how special she made our day� what was going to be a stressful time leading up to my surgery was turned into something so magical and amazing. I am tearing up just writing this because I am so thankful I had Allie every step of the way. I know my day wouldn’t have turned out half as good without her being a part of it! If you are on the fence at all about hiring a wedding planner let this be that little push! It was by far the best decision we made!! We love you so much Allie-Mr. & Mrs. Corey  05/13/17

I cannot thank Allie enough for everything she did for my fiancé and I during a year-long engagement! We hired Allie last summer and she has been a life saver throughout the wedding planning process! She has so many connections in the wedding industry and she referred us to the best of the best as far as vendors. She then organized all meetings with them and finalized all of the last-minute details with them as well. Allie responded to ALL of my questions and always made me feel like I was the only bride she had (even though I know she stays extremely busy!) She listened to our ideas, gave suggestions, and made our perfect wedding dream a reality. The wedding day was flawless, all thanks to Allie! She is the most upbeat, positive and loving wedding planner I could have ever asked for. If you’re thinking about hiring a wedding planner, hire Allie!- Sadie Spencer

Wow, where do I begin?? My mom and I could not have planned and prepped for my wedding without Allie, she was a tremendous help! Thanks to Allie my wedding day went so smooth and was literally a dream come true! My mom was even able to enjoy the day without being stressed, is that possible? Well with Allie, it was.
My husband and I could not have asked for a more perfect day and that is because of the professionalism of Allie’s team and passion for what she does. We were beyond pleased with her ability to decorate, coordinate, stay organized and be so willing to do whatever we needed help with before the big day and of it. I appreciated how Allie was able to think ahead of me and helped with things before I even asked.
Allie is a rock star and a problem solver. If you’re looking for a wedding planner she’s your girl.
My wedding day turned out better than I could have ever imagined thanks to Allie Rose Events! �-Kimmy RischeLovan - Vendor Gallery-49

I’m so happy we made the decision to hire Allie to help us with the wedding planning!! Even with my move to Dallas Allie would meet with my mother at least once a month to answer all of are questions as well as to me coming in last minute and meeting with me knowing it was the only time I had. If you’re wanting someone who will go above and beyond this is the woman! My family can’t think her enough for all she did for us! You’re amazing at what you do and it shows!-Hunter Reilly

There are no words to describe how Allie was critical in the success of our daughter’s wedding. Where do I start? From taking a crazy vision our daughter and her fiancé had for their wedding, to her organizational skills, her communications skills, and her networking skills, there was no stone left unturned. I was amazed at how Allie communicated with all of the vendors we hired. I literally didn’t worry about anyone showing up. She had everyone falling in line and working together. When I saw the venue decorated, I seriously gasped and teared up. It was beautiful! We had some bad weather come into play the week of the wedding. Allie jumped into action and had us thinking of alternative plans. If you are on the fence about whether or not to hire a wedding planner…DON’T HESITATE TO HIRE HER! The wedding would have never come together like it did. As the mother of the bride, I totally was able to enjoy every second of the day. Thank you, Allie! We adore you!- Susan Stowe 

kt-403Hiring Allie was the best decision we made during our wedding-planning process. We hired Allie to be a week-of wedding coordinator, but she went above and beyond our expectations. Allie was available during every step of the process to talk over concerns, suggestions, etc. She was kind, kept me (the bride) calm, kept my parents happy, kept the groom laughing. She did everything we asked of her and more. She handled the rehearsal, venue setup, dealt with all our vendors, produced the timeline (and made sure we stuck to it) … she did everything. I couldn’t imagine our wedding day without her. She executed our vision beautifully. It was the perfect day, because of Allie.- Katie Parks

We used Allie as our day of coordinator (which meant she helped with the rehearsal and the entire day of the wedding), and Allie made our wedding day the best! If anything went wrong that day, I didn’t know it happened. She made sure my mom, my husband’s mom, and I didn’t stress at all. My mom has brought up Allie so many times since our wedding day. She has raved about how Allie took care of even the smallest details so my mom could enjoy herself. Even though we hired Allie to be there with us the day of our wedding and at the rehearsal, she helped us make sure we hadn’t forgotten anything with her phone calls and checklists. If I had it to do over again, I would hire Allie in a heartbeat!- Ginna Rivera

I cannot say enough good things about Allie!! I begged my fiancé to let me hire a wedding planner for our big day. I stumbled upon Allie’s page on fb and several of my friends recommended her. I am sooo glad that I hired Allie! I wanted to do as much of the DIY stuff that I could for our wedding but she was there to help me stay on track and guide me through the process. The day of our wedding I did not have to worry about ANYTHING!!! Allie handle all of the little- big details and made sure our day went as smooth as possible. I am so thankful for her!!! Best choice I could of made. Thank you so much Allie!!!!- Angelea Chrisholm


My husband and I hired Allie to help us with our destination wedding at Big Cedar. Allie went above and beyond to help us plan a wedding from across the country. She was able to line up vendors for us, and work with our tight timeline. The day of the wedding I knew I had nothing to worry about, and because of Allie I was truly able to enjoy the day! She is nothing short of amazing, and will go above and beyond for any clients!- Angela Evers

Allie was amazing! She helped with the whole process of planning and took all the stress away! We had planned on having our ceremony outdoors and the day of the wedding it poured cats and dogs. Allie made everything move smoothly from and outdoor ceremony to an indoor ceremony. I did not have o worry about a thing and it all turned out beautifully!!! I loved working with Allie and would not imagine planning a wedding without her help! I highly suggest her for your wedding planner; You will not regret it!- Brittney Jensen

Allie is a wonderful wedding coordinator and person! She coolly handled all of the stressful situations of my wedding day without breaking a sweat. Very impressed by her knowledge of the wedding process and her ability to problem solve. Our wedding was just perfect and it definitely wouldn’t have been without Allie! Thanks again!- Mackenzie Lariviere

Allie planned our company Christmas party & she did a wonderful job! She is so sweet and easy to work with. She went above & beyond to make sure that everything was perfect for our event. I highly recommend her services! Thanks for everything Allie!- Amy Eldridge

As a venue, we refer all of our brides to Allie Rose Events!! You simply cannot go wrong with this extremely personable, organized & thoughtful girl! Allie will help make your day as stress free as possible so you can focus on & enjoy your big day. Do yourself a favor and book Allie before someone else does :)- Erica Cook

imageAllie is fantastic!! She knows the ins and outs of the industry, the dos and don’ts of wedding planning and makes you feel like everything is under control from the first meeting. I was hesitant to hire a planner because I wanted my wedding to be my own, she ensured that all of my ideas were brought to life and it was the best day of all time.- Lorin Fiehler

There’s too much to say about Allie. She did nothing less than a perfect job! She was on top of everything and made sure our special day went flawless (which it did!). You won’t meet a more engaging, bubbly, go-getter wedding planner. I promise she will take care of all your needs & will make sure you are stress free on your wedding day. If I could give her 10 stars, I would. Thank you for everything you did for PT & I, Allie! We both love you!- Julie Tran

Allie was my wedding planner and I cannot say how much she helped us before AND on the wedding day! She is dedicated to making her brides lives easier, and better! Allie is a very hard worker and will do everything she can to help! I definitely recommend her to all brides no matter if you need just on the day help or full out planning and decorating. When someone says they can’t afford a wedding planner you really need to lessen expenses in other areas because you DO need Allie! Our day wouldn’t have been what it was without her, I know that for a fact! Not only does Allie have answers for all of your questions and problems, she makes sure everything runs smoothly on your big day. You don’t want to deal with anything, so let her! Her work speaks for itself because she is also loved by others in the wedding industry in Springfield. She gets booked well in advance so make sure to contact her early! We love Allie! – Megan and Clement

Allie was so amazing!!! She helped my wedding flow perfectly! I am so glad she was able to help plan my perfect day. During the process I also gained a great friend!!!! I wouldn’t have had the perfect day if it wasn’t for her help!!!!- Annie Posch

There are not enough words to express how wonderful Allie is as a wedding planner, a person and a friend. Our outdoor wedding called for a 90% chance of rain, and Allie worked and reworked out layout at least a dozen times to give us the perfect day no matter what type of weather would have ensued. As we live in Florida and our wedding occurred in Missouri, she worked so hard to ensure that all the little details, rental pick-ups and arrangements were secured and occurred in a timely fashion. She effortlessly organizes every detail, flawlessly works with each vendor and with a very detailed touch combines it all into a detailed outline of events. She was SUCH a blessing! Not to mention, she took the vision I had in my head and made it a reality. Our wedding was more perfect that I could have ever imagined (and NO RAIN!!). Each guest commented on how beautiful it was. We could not have done it without her. She is hands down the greatest. We love her!- Jami Cook

Allie did my daughters wedding. This mother had zero to stress about and neither did the bride!!! She also makes the best mints!! I recommend this young lady to help with your special day!!- Connie Lipscomb

Allie is who you dream of having for your big day and leading up to it. She goes out over and beyond to take care of every little detail I had PLUS, she thinks about other things I didn’t think about. She is also amazingly talented at designing/decorating and accommodating to what I have envisioned! She takes total control on your wedding day so you can focus on enjoying it. I would absolutely recommend Allie Rose Events for any wedding! She is the best! We love Allie❤️- Jordan Berryedits-207

Allie is an amazing wedding planner. She did a superb job of coordinating, organizing, and helping decorate the wedding and reception venues. Her people skills are off the charts. She is a true joy to be around. If you want your wedding to run smoothly give Allie a call. She was instrumental in making our daughters wedding a thing of beauty. Go Allie! Judy and I love you!- Kent Anderson

I am so thrilled we found Allie! If you have an upcoming wedding, don’t hesitate- get Allie to help out! My only regret is not getting more services with her! She has the perfect style I was looking for in my wedding and helped make my vision come true. Allie has excellent communication and helped make wedding planning a breeze. She is not only super cute and bubbly, she’s very much in the know with the wedding industry. Plus, her prices are reasonable, if you want the perfect wedding- call Allie! – Kandice Shultz

My husband and I had a destination wedding and then planned a reception in Springfield the week after we returned. I was nervous about planning two separate events in different states and being unable to handle the last minute items when a mutual friend referred me to Allie. From our first meeting, I could immediately tell she knew her stuff and would “sweat the details” for me so I didn’t have to. She immediately had ideas on flowers, decorations, and how to set up the venue which was a huge help for me because, admittedly, I had no idea where to start. She is passionate about making sure every bride and groom have the day they’ve imagined. She was able to set up for our event in advance and stayed the entire evening to address any “hiccups” that came along. She did such a great job I never knew anything went wrong! She has exceptional people skills that allow her to communicate effectively with the bride and groom, other vendors, and guests alike so, if you’re looking for a beautiful event and a little peace of mind, I highly recommend Allie. – Spencer Drye

Allie is nothing short of amazing! She is by far the best money we spent on our wedding day. She is professional, prepared and so hardworking. I think she may be superwoman–she does it all. She had great ideas, handled all of our vendors and put out little fires all day long. We did not have to worry about one thing on our special day because Allie had already dealt with whatever issue arose. We will tell everyone we know about Allie Rose Events to plan their wedding or party.- Abby Dyer

Allie is beyond amazing at what she does. I hate planning and did not want to actually have to lift a finger and she made that possible. I told her what I wanted and she made sure she got everything done perfectly. It was beautiful and exactly what I had always dreamed of!- Mayce Simmions

Allie is awesome! She helped plan my wedding this past November and looking back on it all I honestly would not have been able to do it without her. She jumped right in where I left off in planning and made everything come together perfectly. On the wedding day Allie stayed in contact with all of the vendors and helped set up the reception hall so I didn’t have to worry about a thing. I also had a large bridal party and she helped organize them as well. Her prices are reasonable and you get your moneys worth and then some with Allie. Most importantly she is always positive and pleasant to be around even if things go wrong. I can’t say enough good things about working with Allie.- Shayla Wilkinson

I could never put into words how incredible Allie is at her job and how glad we were to have her through the wedding planning experience! When we first got engaged, we considered hiring a wedding planner but after meeting with a few who were way out of our budget, we decided to try to do it on our own. As we booked more and more vendors I began to realize that it was going to be a huge task to keep them all organized and lined up on our wedding day. Thank goodness we found Allie because she did just that. She handled everything from start to finish and made our day run so smoothly, and her wedding planning services cost a fraction of others in town. Some of the best advice I received that I would tell other brides is that you spend a ton of money on various services, vendors, decorations, etc for your big day, and without someone to take care of it all you don’t even get to enjoy it. We were able to sit back and enjoy our wedding day without a single worry. Hiring Allie was the best money we spent through the whole process. We love her and would highly recommend her! Thank you for all you did for us sweet Allie :)-Elle Mais

Allie is so talented! I was lucky to see some of her work recently while modeling for a photoshoot she helped put together and I was amazed at the beautiful set up. After talking with her I noticed she is so kind and thoughtful and goes above and beyond! Being a perfectionist is one of her great qualities and shows through in her work. Flawless! If you are looking for a good wedding or event planner, your search is over! Allie is your girl!-Samantha Cox

I was looking at your business card by chance the day after the wedding, and. I never ever thought I would look at it in such a different way. I was so blessed to be given your card and to have you there to help with our wedding process. It means the world to me that my day went by without a flaw (or if there was one I never knew of it because you probably took care of it!) you are amazing!! I appreciate all the vendors who helped make our day possibly. The only bad thing in the wedding world is that I can only use you ONCE!! I hope many more brides give you the opportunity to make three day as special as you made ours. Thank you so very much!!!!-Shelby Prochnow

I’ve had the chance to work with Allie at a professional level as a vendor in the lovely wedding world. She is amazing at what she does. She is very organized AND creative (which isn’t always an easy mix to find!). She’s so much fun to work with, and you really couldn’t go wrong choosing her for your Big Day!-Jamie Liles

She went above and beyond for our wedding! It could not have gone more smoothly and I owe it to her! Fantastic planner! Highly recommended!-Caressa Patel

Allie is so awesome to work with! Super sweet and helpful, and really personable. She has great style, and I would recommend to any bride looking for someone to coordinate their big day!- Allison Hall

Beyond impressed with Allie…I’m a photographer, in the Branson/Springfield area, and had the privilege of seeing her in action at the wedding i was photographing yesterday. She is one of the sweetest, and most talented individuals i’ve ever met in the wedding industry. I witnessed several acts of service that she performed flawlessly at the wedding, for example, she ran to Walgreens to buy eyelash glue for the bride when one of her eyelashes started falling off, & ran several other errands on top of what she was already responsible for too! This lady is the real deal! :)-Sheri Holloway